Baxt Lecture

The Baxt Lecture Series began in October, 2013 and has included such topics as:  FDR and the Jews; History of Antisemitism; A Personal History from the St. Louis; Providence Jewish Community and the Rise of Hitler; Berlin After the Holocaust.

The 2017 Baxt Lecture is being presented by Holocaust Survivor Carl Feldman on October 22 at 2:00pm at the Sockanosset Cross Branch of the Cranston Public LIbrary.

2017 Lecture Synopsis: At the dawn of the 20th century, Europe looked forward to the future. Smug, imperialistic, successful and in control was Germany, the hallmark of the European continent. Everything seemed possible; life would be better and better… and then it all came crashing down.  By mid-century, the continent was in ruins, a thousand years of culture destroyed, the map totally remade, violence was everywhere… what happened in such a short time?

The Baxt Lecture Series is funded by a generous endowment from the late Victor Baxt with very kind additions to the endowment by the late Gussie Baxt.  The purpose of the series is to bring Holocaust education to the greater Rhode Island community.  The Baxt Lecture occurs annually and is hosted by the Cranston Public Library.