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The Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center serves to bear witness to the Holocaust and to honor those who perished. We strive to reduce prejudice against all minorities by teaching our community, especially its youth, about the experience of the Jews, and of the suffering of other peoples because of bigotry.

Our facility houses a library, artifacts from the era, an audio-visual collection, and a memorial garden. Materials are available for check-out by teachers, students, the general public, and our facility is open to the public. Our speakers present to area schools, and survivors of the Holocaust share their personal experiences with students. We also offer workshops for educators.

We strive to reduce prejudice and the injustice of bigotry against all minorities by teaching the current generation about the Holocaust.

We believe that by teaching about these dangers, and the horrors to which they may lead, we can effect positive change in our society.


We’d like to share this website that Jared Lipsey of the Gann Academy made as a school project that serves as a wonderful tribute to Rhode Island’s survivors.