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Dear Friend,

The following is not based on a true story…it is a true story.

Shortly before her daughter was taken by the Nazis, a mother gave her daughter three diamonds. She said to her daughter, “Keep them safe for they may help you some day.”

When the Nazis came for the daughter, she swallowed the diamonds before she was taken to Auschwitz.  Each day when she expelled them, she would wash the gems with water from the floor. If there was no water on the floor, she would wash them in the coffee or watery soup and even if there was nothing to wash them in, she would again just swallow the diamonds.  She did this every day for two years.

Years later after the war, she had the diamonds set in a tear shaped pendant which hung from a chain around her neck.  This Survivor told her grown children, “Please do not ever sell these diamonds, for they are the only thing I have that my mother ever touched.”

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