Survivor Videos

This page features clips from those who survived the Holocaust. The testimony of the living cannot make up for lives lost, but it can help us look forward into the future.

If you would like to schedule a live chat, please reach out to participate in our survivor visit program.


While there is no charge for this program, we ask for a donation, whenever possible, to fund our Speakers’ Bureau. The suggested donation is $3 per person; however, any amount, while not mandatory, is always much appreciated.


Here are a few of our survivor testimonies. More are currently on DVD in the center, but we are in the process of uploading the whole archive. Please watch with the understanding that these clips describe dark, violent events and can be painful to some.

Rita Weiss describes daily life in the concentration camps.

Jack Handali & Roman Frister describe slave labor in the concentration camps.

Solomon Feigerson describes escaping mass execution as a child.