Professional Development Opportunities

Established in 1996, the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program has developed a national corps of skilled educators to help lead the Museum’s efforts to ensure quality Holocaust education in secondary schools.

Museum educators and scholars share rationales, strategies, and approaches for teaching about the Holocaust. Participants have the opportunity to network with other educators, hear from Holocaust survivors, and explore the Museum’s full range of resources.

Centropa offers a web-based educational program designed for schools in Europe, North America, and Israel. We encourage teachers to teach European-Jewish history in the 20th century in an interdisciplinary way, and we design our materials to be innovative, interactive, and international.

Five-day seminars designed to provide a collaborative and safe environment in which teachers can explore the difficult topic of the Holocaust and other genocides.

Outstanding international advanced learning programs for educators who are seeking to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust and strengthen their knowledge and skills to effectively teach this history to their students.