Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die


In this moving and memorable memoir, Sidney Finkel takes readers on a courageous journey of remembering as he vividly describes the ordeal that he survived and the difficult journey of healing that he has taken to face and make peace with his past.



Sidney’s story is an inspirational testament to the power of courage, hope and forgiveness. This inspiring memoir provides readers with a poignant look at the Holocaust through the eyes of a young boy. Sidney Finkel, then known as Sevek Finkelstein, was only seven years old when Nazi tanks rolled into his boyhood home of Piotkrow, Poland. Between ten and thirteen, he was in slave labor camps in Piotrkow, Czestechowa, and Buchenwald. He was liberated in Theresienstadt and later flown to England after having lost his mother, his father and two sisters, not to mention his youth and his innocence At the age of 13, Sevek finds himself in a strange country with only a first grade education struggling to learn a new language and begin a new life on his own. Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die is a unique and powerful memoir about a young boy’s journey during the Holocaust and his effort later to make peace with the past.


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