Our K-5 Programming

    Through GET UP! STAND UP!, a K-5 program launched in 2022, we help to build a foundation of socially responsible behavior in kids through empathy and inspire young children to stand up for each other. Standing up for others begins with kindness. In fact, kindness is empathy in action!

    How do we help kids build empathy?

    • Sharing and listening to all kinds of stories exposes children to a multitude of life experiences.
    • Using stories help children connect to these experiences emotionally. Emotional connection allows for children to have a deeper and broader understanding of other people.
    • Asking children to reflect on how other people might be feeling, how they might feel if they were in the character’s situation and what they may have in common with the character in an effort to help them learn to value other people’s experiences and perspectives.

    How do students participate?

    • Students in kindergarten through fifth grade choose 5 storybooks from an approved list, complete an accompanying worksheet for each book and tell us about an act of kindness that they have performed.

    Why participate?

    • At the end of the school year, the students who have completed the challenge will receive a “Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center Upstander Award.”

    Please email info@hercri.org to be put on a mailing list to receive more information when it becomes available.