Behind the Book

Join the conversation: Based on years of research, and Frankel’s extensive interviews with members of the Rabinowitz family, as well as other Holocaust survivors, Into the Forest is the rarest of Holocaust stories with a happy ending and a powerful testament to the human spirit.  

About the book: In the summer of 1942, the Jewish Rabinowitz family narrowly escaped the Nazi killing squad ter­ror­iz­ing their Pol­ish home­town.They fled to the for­bid­ding Bialowieza Forest where they miraculously survived for two years. Of the 800 Jews from their town who hid in the forest, barely 200 survived, just a tiny number of them children. Liberated in 1944 by the Russian Army, they crossed the Alps on foot illegally as refugees, settling in Italy in displaced persons camps for almost three years before final­ly immi­grat­ing to the Unit­ed States. 

About the author: Rebecca Frankel is the author of New York Times bestselling book, War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love. Her work has been published in Smithsonian MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, Slate, and National Geographic, among oth­ers. She has appeared as a guest on Conan, PBS NewshourBBC World News, and the Diane Rehm Show, among others. Most recently she was executive editor of Foreign Policy’s print magazine. Frankel lives in Washington, D.C.