Art & Writing Contest

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If They Were Here Now – Aaron Figueiredo, Ryan Carruolo, Mynor Raphael-Tirada & Jack Brennan; St. Kevin School, 2017


The Annual Arts & Writing Contest helps the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center fulfill its educational mission by engaging students from all over Rhode Island. Hundreds of entries are received each year, ranging from stories and poems, to two- and three-dimensional art, to computer generated videos. Judging the 2017 contest was particularly difficult because of both the high volume and quality of entries.

The contest has a different theme each year. This year student entries addressed a question: What if they were here today? As SBHEC Board Vice President and event Master of Ceremonies Maybeth Lichaa explained, “If someone who perished in the Holocaust came back today and they looked around and saw all the hate that still exists in the world, after what they had been through, what would they say?”

Here are a few samples of student artwork from this and previous years: