Mission Statement

The mission of the the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center is to teach the history of the Holocaust in order to promote human dignity and justice, and to serve as a memorial to its victims. SBHEC serves to bear witness to the Holocaust and to honor those who perished. We strive to reduce prejudice against all minorities by teaching about the experience of the Jews, and of the suffering of other peoples because of hate and bigotry. We seek to ensure that every human being in our world has the same measure of dignity.

Each year our presentations reach over 6,000 area students from middle school through college. Our speakers open dialogues encouraging participants to refrain from expressing prejudice, to notice it in situations in which it arises, and to take constructive action. Students report that our programs have changed their lives, opening their eyes to instances of mistreatment. Bigotry and prejudice plague our society, and we have far to go. However, through our continuing efforts, more people every day are becoming sensitized to social injustice and are actively working to eliminate it.

For only through education is there hope.